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Pounder is a utility for automating Java GUI tests. It allows developers to dynamically load GUI's, record scripts, and then use those scripts in a test harness. Requires Java 1.4. It is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.

Pounder differentiates itself from other utilities by allowing you to examine the results of a test run in source, while maintaining a separate GUI script that can be re-recorded if necessary. Browse the Howto and Internals pages for more details on what features are available, and how Pounder works.

Visit the project homepage at SourceForge.

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November 29

  • This project is no longer being actively developed. For similar tools under active development, consider Abbot, Marathon, jfcunit and others.

October 18

  • Some of the developers of the various GUI testing projects have gotten together and formed a mailing list to dicuss anything related to Java GUI testing. For more information, check it out on Yahoo Groups.

October 1

September 30

  • 0.95 is out. Adds a pause feature, applet support, and i18n for Spanish, Greek, Japanese, and Portuguese.
  • Finally updated the javadoc.

September 24

  • Got the new site up. Many thanks to Nupur Saurabh.
  • I've heard that there are problems with Pounder and Japanese input. If anyone has some knowledge on this sort of thing, please email me.

September 12

  • Started a mailing list for any Pounder-related discussion. Join the Pounder Hodown.

September 10

  • 0.94 is out. If you speak French, German, or Korean, or were having problems with dialogs, this is a must-download.

September 7

  • Need Translators. If you speak a foreign language other than english or french, please contact me. Here are the terms which need translating. May not display properly in some browsers, so right-click and download.

August 29

  • Added jobs. If you'd like to help, please check it out. Looking for a web developer, icon designer, and Java programmer.

August 20

July 27

  • 0.92 is out. This fixes a significant bug in the recording portion of Pounder that only affected NT machines (that I know of). If you experienced problems with recording, download this. No other significant changes.
  • Updated javadoc.

July 23

  • 0.91 is out. Only significant change is to the preferences, which are now persistent.

June 25

  • Fixed the conduits howto example code.
  • Tweaks made to Player (thanks to Aureliano Calvo) to improve script accessibility. Will likely be released in a 0.91 sometime soon.

June 21

June 6

  • Added some screenshots and better synopsis.

May 31

  • Added documentation

May 29

May 28

  • New help articles are popping up as fast as I can write them. Let me know if there's something you'd like to see.
  • Version 0.8 will be out soon. It will mostly be bug fixes and tweaks. I'm not planning on breaking file format compatibility, so use 0.7 with a clear head.

May 26

Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.

Copyright 2002 Matthew Pekar  All rights reserved.