Class SystemExitWatcher

All Implemented Interfaces:
AWTEventListener, EventListener

public class SystemExitWatcher
extends WindowWatcher

When the last window has been closed, exit the system. Should only be instantiated once in the main() function.

Matthew Pekar

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.mtp.gui.WindowWatcher
DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT, filterAllWindows, filteredHashCodes, filteredNames, id, removeWindows, waitTimeout, windows
Method Summary
static SystemExitWatcher getInstance()
static void instantiate()
protected  void removeWindow(Window w)
          Remove given window.
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addWindow, clearWindows, containsWindow, containsWindow, copyWindows, disconnect, disposeWindows, eventDispatched, filtered, filterWindow, filterWindow, getFilterAllWindows, getRemoveWindows, getWindowByID, getWindowByName, getWindowByTitle, getWindowCount, getWindowID, getWindows, removeFilteredWindows, setFilterAllWindows, setRemoveWindows, setWaitTimeout, updateUIs, waitTillWindowNotPresent, waitTillWindowNotPresent, waitTillWindowPresent, waitTillWindowPresent
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Method Detail


public static void instantiate()


public static SystemExitWatcher getInstance()


protected void removeWindow(Window w)
Description copied from class: WindowWatcher
Remove given window.

removeWindow in class WindowWatcher

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