Uses of Interface

Packages that use LayoutPrefs

Uses of LayoutPrefs in com.mtp.gui.widget

Classes in com.mtp.gui.widget that implement LayoutPrefs
 class KeyEventSelector
          Allows user to click on this widget and then enter a KeyEvent.

Uses of LayoutPrefs in com.mtp.pounder

Classes in com.mtp.pounder that implement LayoutPrefs
 class AboutDialog
          The about dialog.
 class CommentDialog
          Dialog for displaying a file's comment.
 class PounderFrame
          Main frame for the Pounder interface.
 class PounderPanel
          Main panel of Pounder.
 class PounderPrefsDialog
          Dialog for editing a PounderPrefs.
 class PounderPrefsPanel
          Panel for editing a PounderPrefs.
 class SetupPanel
          Used to define the setup of a Pounder script.
 class TestingPanel
          Panel for handling the recording and playback of a PounderModel.
 class VerbatimRecordingOptionsDialog
          Dialog for editing a VerbatimRecordingOptions.

Uses of LayoutPrefs in com.mtp.pounder.assrt

Classes in com.mtp.pounder.assrt that implement LayoutPrefs
 class AssertDialog
          Dialog for adding an assertion to a RecordingRecord at a certain index.
 class TextEqualsPanel
          Panel for editing a TextEqualsPresenter.
 class WindowIdentifierPanel
          Panel for editing a WindowShowingPresenter.
 class WindowShowingPanel
          Panel for editing a WindowShowingPresenter.

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