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Packages that use RecordingItem

Uses of RecordingItem in com.mtp.pounder

Subclasses of RecordingItem in com.mtp.pounder
 class CheckPlayedItem
          Utility class used in testing.
 class ComponentItem
          Item that operates on a single Component.
 class DummyRecordingItem
          A RecordingItem that does nothing.
 class InputMethodItem
          Represents a mouse click.
 class KeyItem
          Represents a keyboard event.
 class MisbehavingItem
          Utility class for testing.
 class MouseClickItem
          Represents a mouse click.
 class MouseMotionItem
          Represents mouse motion.
 class MouseWheelItem
          Represents a keyboard event.
 class WindowGainedFocusItem
          RecordingItem for a Window gaining focus.
 class WindowMovedItem
          Recording item for a Window moving.
 class WindowSizeChangeItem
          RecordingItem for a Window size change.
 class WindowStateChangedItem
          RecordingItem for a Frame changing state.

Uses of RecordingItem in com.mtp.pounder.assrt

Subclasses of RecordingItem in com.mtp.pounder.assrt
 class TextEqualsItem
          Asserts that the text of a Component is a certain value.
 class WindowAssertItem
          An assertion performed on some part of a specific window.
 class WindowShowingItem
          Asserts that a window is showing.

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