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Testing Applets

As of version 0.95, Pounder supports Applet's properly. When an Applet class is instantiated, a new thread will be spawned which calls the Applet's init() and start() methods. If you wish to pass paramaters to your applet, a ComponentConduit may be used. Here is an example:

import com.mtp.pounder.AppletFrame;

public class MyAppletConduit implements ComponentConduit {

  public Component getComponent() {
    AppletStub stub = new AppletStub() {

      protected HashMap params;

      public AppletStub() {
	params = new HashMap();
	params.put("Name", "Mary");
	params.put("Address", "55 N");

    AppletFrame af = new AppletFrame(new MyApplet, stub);


Note: This code is untested and I've never actually used Applets with Pounder. Let me know if something goes wrong. :)

Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.

Copyright 2002 Matthew Pekar  All rights reserved.