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How to Run Pounder

Download the latest version and place it in your classpath. No older versions should be present. You should make sure it is installed correctly by opening a terminal and typing:

java -classpath ./pounder.jar com.mtp.pounder.PounderFrame

Here "pounder.jar" is the name of the jar file you downloaded. Pounder can also be run by double clicking on the jar file to have Java automatically launch a new frame. You should be greeted with something like the image below, depending on which version you have:

Opening Frame Image

Pounder should be placed in your classpath. I usually dump it in my programs /lib directory and run it like this:

java -cp ./lib/pounder.jar;./build com.mtp.pounder.PounderFrame

To have test classes loaded dynamically, your build directory should be placed in the classpath, not a jar file. Classes in jar files are not loaded dynamically by Pounder.

I've recently discovered that Pounder should not be placed in your Java extensions directory. If it is placed there, you will not be able to play back scripts.

Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.

Copyright 2002 Matthew Pekar  All rights reserved.