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Recording a Simple Script

The first step is to give the name of the class to be tested. This is done by typing the full class name in the "Class" text field in the "Setup" area of the frame. Make sure to press enter after you are done typing. Some of the buttons under the "Testing" portion of the frame should become enabled after you have done this.

Enter Test Class Image

To make sure the class was correctly loaded, you can instantiate a test instance

Next, press the record button. A window will appear containing your component and you are then free to record. Enter keyboard events, mouse clicks, drags, window resizings, and whatever else. When you are finished, press stop or hit Command-E (the default stop shortcut). The script may now be played back or saved for future use or testing.

Simple Recording Image

Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.

Copyright 2002 Matthew Pekar  All rights reserved.